Automated Name Rows

Making Name Row lists for Traditional Groups is tedious and trouble-prone. Print Name cards, distribute them, collect them in the right order, DON’T DROP THEM! Then back in the office enter the rows, print a proof, send it to the school for verification, get the corrections… it goes on and on.

Pixel TGroup solves all these hassles with our cutting-edge Face Recognition engine. Individual portraits are passed through the engine creating a database of names and faces. Now, pass the Traditional Group through the engine - it recognizes faces, compares them to the database and identifies each person in the Group photo.

With that done, it forms the Name Row lists automatically and lets you know of any failures - and you’ll be amazed how accurate the process is.

We invite you to see a live Demo of TGroup in action - just click the button below to get going. Send us an email by clicking the button below or to nickm@schoolphoto.com.au

Arrange a Live TGroup Demo

How does it work?

Your individual portraits have valuable information - they’re named and have a clear image of the person’s face. Our Face Recognition engine analyzes the face, gets the Name information and so knows exactly who that person is and what group they’re in.

TGroup analyzes your Group images, finds the face and matches it to the individual portrait, creating the Name Row lists. It’s accurate, flexible and smart.

How can I use the software

TGroup is available as a standalone application completely separate from the Pixel Suite, or as a bureau service. If you use the Pixel Suite, it’s entirely integrated within that production environment.

Bureau Service

To use the Bureau service, upload your images to us and we’ll create the Name Row lists for you and send them back. We can also create finished product for you. 

Stand-alone application

If you use production software, you can use TGroup, open your images in TGroup and construct the Name Row Lists.

As a part of the Pixel Suite

As a member of the Pixel Suite, TGroup is fully integrated with the production environment. To use it, simply Open the Pixel Suite and choose TGroup.



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