Capture tools that make sure the job gets done.

When you’re shooting a job, it’s critical to get things right. Is the exposure correct? Are all the lights firing? Get these things done at photography time, and a job will breeze through production. Get them wrong and the job becomes a nightmare. Our tools help a photographer set the job up as you designed it. Better, follow the job as it’s shot in real time from anywhere in the world.

Capture Utilities


A capture utility that’s simple for your photographers to use and flexible enough for you to shoot your way

Startup Wizard

Ensure your photographers have set the studio up correctly and are shooting the right job

Real-time Image Check

Monitor each image for common mistakes. Wrong aperture? Back flash not firing? Image Check lets them know

Photography Coach

Even your best photographer can have a bad day. Photography Coach lets you help out in real-time

On-site Products

Print on-site products like ID cards, Proof Order sheets as the shoot progresses or later on

Job Security

Your precious images are stored in several locations so if you loose a card or a drive, you haven’t lost the job



White Screen background replacement

Nikomate has full support for Aussie School Photo’s Zoros White Screen controller. Once you’ve shot a Zoros job, our Pixel White production workflow makes creating background replacement jobs a breeze.


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