Try a Demo

Trying the Pixel Suite is easy. Download our fully functional Demo, create a job and shoot it. We also include some trial images and data so you can follow our tutorials along. Create your own Templates, correct images, choose poses - the Demo is fully functional. The Demo limitation is that when you render a product, lines are placed on the output.


Request a demo

A fully functional demo is available on request. Please e-mail us with your Demo request:

Email us for a Demo - click here

What is a Click?

You can use our Demo software to try out or run pre-production. There is no limit on what’s available in the Demo version except that any images will have lines superimposed over the output. You can unlock a Booking by purchasing ‘Clicks’. Once unlocked, the Demo lines are removed for that booking.

How does it work?

You can unlock a Demo booking using Clicks. Once unlocked and images matched to a Name can be printed without the Demo lines on the output. A Name with more than one image still only needs a single Click to unlock it.

Convert it to production

Once you’ve tried out the Demo, you might want to run some production without the Demo lines. No problem! Shoot the job, prepare the the images, enter the orders and when you’re ready, purchase some unlock ‘Clicks’. Apply the clicks to the Booking and you’re ready to run production.


Use Clicks for your production

If you decide to use the Pixel Suite regularly, you don’t have to give any on-going commitments like an annual renewal or Subscription. Just purchase Clicks as you need them and unlock the Bookings you need. The more Clicks you purchase in a year the cheaper they become. You can run as many seats as you like in as many locations as you want to run your production.

We realise you might grow your business and to encourage you in that, the more clicks you purchase in a year, the cheaper they become. Even better, if you do purchase enough Clicks that the price decreases, we’ll credit the difference on the more expensive blocks you purchased. We don’t count last years Clicks in this year’s total when working out the price but older clicks don’t expire. Keep using them up until you’re ready for more new ones.


Annual Subscription

If you don’t like the idea of unlocking Bookings, you can run as many seats as you like and we will charge you on an Annual basis for the number of heads you shot. It’s very similar to the Click charge but you don’t have to unlock Bookings to print them. Using this option requires a continuous Internet connection and access to our License Service. Pricing is the same as the Click charge.



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