Refined and Mature capture

Used by photographers around the world, Nikomate’s capture workflow is mature, refined and reliable. Capture images with zero fuss. Minimise photographer mistakes with Active Monitoring. Produce on-site items.

Nikomate’s workflow supports many different styles of job. Capture pre-pay order information, including pack, design and background choices. Shoot a Proof job and print out a Proof order sheet as the job progresses or leave it for later; the choice is yours. With so many customisable options, Nikomate is sure to be able to match your shooting workflow.


 Startup Wizard

The quality of your finished product is decided the moment your photographer takes the first shot. Have they set the lighting up correctly? Are the flashes firing? Did the aperture get changed accidentally mid-shoot? There are many things that can go wrong at a shoot and it’s in your interests to help your photographers as much as you can. Nikomate’s Startup Wizard helps your photographers confirm the flashs are set and firing correctly, the camera exposure is correct and if they’re using Zoros White Screen capture, that the rear flash is firing correctly too.

The wizard also helps them check and set the exposure for all the flashes in your setup with an easy to understand on-screen readout of the exposure. When teamed with a solid program and training, the Nikomate Wizard helps you avoid many on-site problems.

 Real-time Image Check

As a shoot progresses, things happen. The aperture dial can be bumped. A flash might stop firing and even your best photgrapher might not notice straight away. Nikomate lets you define a set of settings to monitor - like the aperture or ISO setting. Every time an image is captured, these values are checked and an alert given if they’re wrong so your photographer can be immediately aware of potential problems.

If you’re using Zoros and Pixel White, Nikomate will check the mask image is being corectly captured and warn the photographer if it sees a problem.

Photocoach 2

 Photography Coach

Even your best photographer can have a bad day… and if you’re at the beginning of the season your team might just be bedding in. Photography Coach lets you help them out the best way you can by casting a guiding eye over their work as they’re shooting the job. No-one is going to say no to catching a problem that might cause a re-shoot! It works like this.

Each kit is connected to the internet with a WiFi dongle. Nikomate creates and uploads a securely encrypted image to the cloud every time an image is shot. Back in the lab, the images appear in the Photography Coach application. You can see a window for each kit you have in action so you can be monitoring multiple kits at once.

Images from the kits arrive in your facility seconds after they were shot. Check the pose. Inspect the histogram. Verify the Pixel White mask image. If you see a problem, chat with the photographer on-line or call them on their cell phone and fix the problem before it causes you real problems!

The images you recieve contain enough information that the images are added to your production system, even before the shoot is finished. You can do a rough crop and jog on these images as the job is still being shot and make them available on the Pixel Web Ordering System for instant engagement with your customers.

 On-Site Products

On-site products can be an important part of your offering. Nikomate lets you define a set of products to print on-site as the shoot progresses, or later on back in the office. Use a template to create the product, including a dropped-in background and print them at the end of each session. You can print multiple products at the same time - print an ID card and proof order sheet for each subject.

Better, Nikomate has support for Pixel White meaning you can include background replacement for your on-site products. Print a proof order sheet with poses with the backgrounds dropped in or a background for the ID cards. Our powerful template builder creates products that include order-entry barcodes, proof images - even saleable items for Event Imaging products (requires additional license).


 Job Security

The images you capture must make it back to your office ‘Come What May'. Nikomate understands this and keeps 3 copies of your valuable images and the shoot database. You can direct 2 of these to a location of your choice. Each captured image also has essential data embedded in it like the matched Name details, ordered products - everything you need to reconstruct the job, even without the job database.


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